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I had your Quick version for many years and they were great, now I love the Sport version on my new car.

W.D, Awhanee, CA

I can't believe how easy the Sport goes on my Toyota Tundra. They are everything you claimed they would be, plus I can add the traction devices in less than a minute! I love demonstrating them for my friends!

J. S., Granada Hills, CA

Thanks for the technical help. With your assistance I know I can alternate one set of Spikes-Spiders on my Volvo Wagon and my VW Euro-van and not have to buy two sets.

J. C., Albany, CA

Thanks for the prompt shipment, the Spikes-Spiders are so easy to add when I need them. They give me great peace of mind when I am in snow country.

J. R., Sonora, CA

The Spikes-Spiders are a great traction solution for my rear drive Mercedes 500 to get me home when it is a "skating rink" of ice on the road. I would never put chains on the car. These Spikes-Spiders go on without me getting dirty. Send me a bunch of brochures for my friends!

B. W., St. Louis, MO

The Sport Spikes-Spiders went on my Toyota with ease. Thanks for your quick call back to answer questions.

J. A., Coeur d'Alene, ID

Thanks for your expert advice so that I could use my old set on my new vehicle. The parts you sent worked out. I'm going to get a set for my wife's PT Cruiser next.

W. O., Lubbock, TX

The Spikes are great for getting me out of my drive to the plowed road.

F. M., Escondido, CA

The Spikes-Spiders work great on my Honda, since we lost our old snow removal contractor and were having trouble getting up our hill.

R. S., Ottawa, Ontario

Here is my order for a set for my son's new car, a Toyota Sienna. We have had them for years on our car and love them! I'll make sure I recommend your company before anyone else.

T. H., Petaluma, CA

The parts came in time and thanks for taking my call after working hours.

J. U., San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the help in determining the size of old Spikes-Spiders I have from parts numbers and the information on all the tire sizes they will fit, so I can sell them.

V. L., Castro Valley, CA

I received my Spikes-Spider package yesterday and installed them today. Very easy installation on my Mustang.

D. M., Crestline, CA

Thanks for the overnight shipment-it saved my vacation.

C. T., Oakhurst, CA

WOW! This is cool that we can get parts so easy.

K. O., Seattle, WA

Thank you for your assistance in getting my old Spikes-Spider adapted for my other vehicle. You saved me a lot of money.

R. J., Mt. Shasta, CA

I installed my Spikes-Spider package yesterday with no problems. You guys work very professional and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

S. M., Albuquerque, NM

Thanks for the prompt, personal service in getting me the Spikes-Spiders for my Mini Cooper. The fit is great and the Compact is the only way to go with my limited carrying space. I am a member of the Mini-Cooper club, so send me brochures for our next meeting.

T. M., Santa Fe, NM
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