Why use Spikes-Spiders

If you are NOT ready for driving on ice and snow, you need the Swiss-made SPIKES-SPIDER winter traction package for your passenger car, sports car, pickup or SUV; whether it is rear drive, front drive, or all-wheel drive. SPIKES-SPIDER systems are easier to install than tire chains with outstanding traction for safe winter driving on both ice and snow. You can install the SPIKES-SPIDER yourself in a matter of minutes. You receive simple instructions with your order and can email or call us for assistance if you need it.

Note: we do not ship
Spikes-Spiders or parts
to countries other than
within the U.S. and Canada.

For orders outside the U.S. and Canada go to www.spikes-spider.ch


Spikes-Spiders are very easy to add!

With the steel hub previously installed on the two drive wheels it only takes 60 seconds to add the traction devices on demand!

Step 1 - stop vehicle and remove decorative cover

Just stop the vehicle and remove the
decorative cover from the steel hub with
the wrench provided. The steel hub was
previously easily installed in the
warmth of your garage.

Step 2 - spread apart the bottom two traction arms and fit these on each side of the tire at the bottom

Spread apart the bottom two traction
arms and fit these on each side of the
tire at the bottom.

Step 3 - slip the SPIKES-SPIDER® over the tire

Slip the SPIKES-SPIDER® over the

Step 4 - attach the locking ring, repeat on the other wheel and drive

Attach the locking ring, which "clicks"
into place and locks the traction device
onto the steel hub.

Repeat on the other wheel and drive.

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