Illustrated Closeup of Hardware Detail

Here is how to attach the steel hub plate for the "Compact", "Sport", and Alpine Pro kits to your wheels:

  • The hardware is slightly different for most US manufactured vehicles vs. import vehicles.
  • The major difference in related to the attachment of the hub to lug nuts or lug bolts.

USA and some IMPORT Vehicles

For many vehicles manufactured by USA based companies, replacement lug nuts are provided in the kit that are drilled and tapped to accept a bolt, while some USA and IMPORT manufactured vehicles will need the fix clips.

Import Vehicles

For most foreign based manufactured vehicles, fix clips are provided in the kit. The fix clips clamp firmly on each existing lug nut when a bolt or extension is screwed into the clip from the top of the little bell housing. When tightened, the clip tightly grips the side surfaces of the lug nut:

*Note : In most applications, only one of the extensions is usually required on each lug nut.

  • In installation, there is a measurement card used to determine how many extensions are required.
  • The measurement card only provides an estimate of the distance needed between the hub plate and the lug nuts or lug bolts. For example, it is best to mount one hub and try the traction element on the tire to check fit. When properly fitted, the traction element should go on easily with arms slightly touching the side wall of the tire and the locking ring lock in easily, without excessive force.
  • The end result desired is to attach the hub to the wheels, so that the hub plate is slightly outside the tire sidewall (Approximately 1/4"-3/8").
  • The hub plate is left on during the winter driving season.


  • Only use the small torque wrench provided with the kit, to tighten all bolts and extensions in installation of the hub with fix-clips. The wrench provides 18.4 ft/lbs of torque or 25 newton/meters.
  • Always carry the wrench in the vehicle when the hubs are on the wheels. That is to remove the hub if you have a flat.
  • Take long valve extensions off of your tire before installing the traction devices. If you leave them on, they will be cut, causing a flat tire.
  • Always use the wrench provided to put on the decorative cover or to remove the cover. If you just put it on with your hand, it will come off easily and be lost.


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