Sport Style Detail

No matter which style of SPIKES SPIDER kit you choose, the Compact, Sport, and Alpine Pro utilize basically the same steel hub system and are manufactured from the same superior materials by the Swiss.

About the "Sport" style of SPIKES SPIDER:

    • Ideal for use on ice and snow depths over 8" . Excellent traction in hilly and steep terrain or for traction on wet grass, mud and sand and more moderate terrain.
    • We can size them to fit most tire sizes for sports cars, passenger, SUVs, pickups, etc.
    • Traction comes from a combination of tungsten carbide studded traction bars, linked together with steel chain links.  The four arms, also tungsten  carbide studded, hold the traction on the tire.
    • Four traction support arms with tungsten carbide studs encircle the tires, with the traction bars linked and steel chain links.
    • The traction ovals are just as easy to put on as the Compact and Alpine Pro styles. You just lay the traction element on the top of the tire, center the traction oval on the previously installed steel hubs, lock on the holding ring, with a "click". Repeat on the other drive wheel. Drive a few revolutions and the traction ovals are forced by the four arms to self-mount on each tire tread.
    • They store reasonably flat in the carrying case, so they take up a little less room than the Quick, but about the same as the Compact.
    • They can be adjusted by moving the links to different holes within the each traction pad and smaller or larger links can be substituted to modify the size to fit many tire sizes. Shown below is a close-up of traction bars linked together by stainless steel links.  Note that each bar has 4 holes on each end. With the complete traction oval off the tire, you can easily turn the links to the sharp "V" in the traction bar and take the end of the link out of the hole.  You can then put the end of the link in another hole to shorten or lengthen the traction net. You, of course, repeat it on the other end of a bar to keep the traction net even. Each adjustment is approximately ¼ inch or 3.4 mm to the traction net.  Do not over tighten the devices or they will not self mount properly.  Should have it loose enough to put the flat of your hand between the tire and the traction oval, when it is on place on the tire.
  • The Sport arms and traction net do not extend to the back portion of the tire, so they do not cause clearance problems on vehicles. The arms and traction net extend about one-half to two-thirds across the tread, encircling the outside portion of the tread, giving the best coverage and traction available, without causing clearance issues.
    Best for very wide tires and/or vehicles that are rear drive and have little weight in the back, such as pickups.


All styles; Compact, Easy Sport, Sport, Easy Alpine Pro and Alpine Pro traction devices are equally easy to remove after use.


The convenient alternative to tire chains.

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