Swiss High-Tech Design and Quality

  • SPIKES-SPIDERS® are manufactured from very durable and robust materials.  Traction arms are permanently elastic and wear resistant polymer materials, that are tungsten carbide studded. (Compact style).
  • "Sport" and "Easy Sport" styles have traction bars that are wear resistant polymer materials that are also tungsten carbide studded .... linked together with steel links.
  • "Alpine Pro" and "Easy Alpine Pro" styles have wear resistant polymer side arms and rugged steel traction net.
  • SPIKES-SPIDER® traction systems incorporate advancements in design engineering and space age materials to provide "on demand" winter traction in LESS THAN A MINUTE.
  • Components and parts are easily field replaceable and can be obtained through this web site.
  • SPIKES-SPIDERS® have been awarded internationally recognized seals of product quality and safety.


The convenient alternative to tire chains.

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